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A Guide to Healthy Eating

A Guide To Healthy Eating
Nutrients rich foods are the ones that have a high content of nutrients as against the number of calories. Having a diet rich in nutrients is essential to sustain a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. India is an agriculture-rich land, producing a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods for a vast population. While taking a rich diet, an individual...

How Important is Good Posture?

Different Issues with Posture
Posture means holding one’s body in various positions, including standing, sitting, lying down, and walking. The way we walk, sit, stand has a tremendous impact on our muscles, bones, and joints. Postures can be classified into two types: Dynamic Posture: It is the posture that you maintain while moving, walking, running, or doing any physical activityStatic Posture: It is the...


Symptoms | Need Doctor |Treatment | Chickenpox Vaccine What is Chickenpox? Varicella-zoster, quite commonly known as Chickenpox, is a highly contagious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It generates 200-400 rashes in the form of blisters on the entire body. Studies indicate that young children, babies, pregnant women, and people with a low immune system are more vulnerable to the disease....