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Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources and physical capacities. We will publish blogs about health and health problems under this category.


Stuttering or Stammering is a type of speech problem characterized by speech disruptions. People suffering from stuttering often repeat words and syllables and speak inconsistently, with various pauses and hesitations. Stuttering is the repetition of sounds, syllables, or words ranging from mild to severe. What are the types of Stuttering? Stuttering can be classified into three main types: Development Stuttering The most common...

A Complete Guide to Manage Your Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety is a feeling of stress, fear, and apprehension about the future. It is normal to get anxious about certain things; however, in the case of anxiety disorder, a constant feeling of fear remains, and dealing with anxiety is about dealing with all these emotions. It is easy to manage your anxiety when you understand the pattern of your concern....

Health Benefits of Mango, The King of Fruits

Mango, commonly found in summer, is a famous fruit. It is of yellow-green and red-green colors and is sweet. Mango has many health benefits as it is rich in various nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals, which help improve immunity and digestion. It provides complete nutrition to the body, composed of fat, proteins, carbs, fiber, potassium, vitamin C, K & A, and...

Understanding Menstrual Health and Hygiene

Menstruation is a natural cycle for women. It is usually a 28-day cycle, although it may vary from person to person. Doctors believe periods are regular if they come every 28 days, 30days, 34 days, or 45 days. Any delay in more than a week can be called irregular periods. A healthy diet, daily exercise, and reducing stress...

Tips For Maintaining Good Health

Girl Standing And doing exercise for good health
As we all know, health is wealth, and eating a nutrition-rich diet, exercising regularly, staying hydrated, and taking enough weight loss help to maintain good health. Consuming sweets, fast foods, alcohol, and an abundance of caffeine can outweigh the healthy options. Achieving and maintaining good health is not an easy task; it does require significant effort and consistency. Lifestyle changes...