An Overview of SmartCare Dashboard for Doctors


The dashboard gives a complete overview of all the features available on the SmartCare platform. It allows the doctor to view the real-time scenario of his practice, such as his slot summary, all types of appointments, referrals, revenue summary, patient ratings, appointment trends, and information related to promotional messages.

Using SmartCare Dashboard, doctors can create & check their To-Do list, check their notifications, add information to their profiles, make changes, upload their photographs, and verify their mobile numbers and email. Dashboards help the doctor switch to different options from the menu bar and land on screens such as Doctor Consultation, Appointments, Referred By, Reports, and many more. The dashboard has been designed to make the clinic management process seamless for the doctors.

Once you log into SmartCare and open your dashboard, you will see a list of options as mentioned below:

Slots Summary

This gives a complete picture of the total slots that the doctor has created and the count of booked slots. Doctors can also view their Morning and Evening Slots below the summary.


Flexible software empowers your clinic and patient workflows by managing and tracking your appointments, including All, Completed, Upcoming, Missed, Rescheduled, and Cancelled. Additionally, doctors can view the complete summary of each type of appointment.  


On the dashboard, doctors can check the patients referred to by other doctors and the patients they refer. Doctors can also book appointments with their referred patients and the patients they refer to other doctors.


Grow and track your clinic revenues through improved in-clinic operations. Open your dashboard and get a clear picture of his total revenues, revenues earned from the appointments, and if there are any receivables amounting to any appointment.

Patients Ratings

Doctors can check their ratings from time to time. The patients give these ratings to the doctor based on their experience. Patient ratings are highlighted on the dashboard in the form of a Pie-chart.

Appointments Trends

Doctors can check their appointment trends on a weekly and monthly basis with the help of a Bar Chart. This helps doctors gauge their appointment calendars and work on any gaps.

Promotional Message

SmartCare believes in the concept of patient relationship management. Hence, to help doctors to build their relations with their patients, SmartCare offers SMS features to the doctors, wherein the doctors can send promotional and non-promotional messages to their patients. The Pie-chart on the dashboard helps the doctors to view the complete summary of the total messages used and the available messages.


Receive automated reminders help and start in minutes – with appointment booking, video calls, text consultations, and remote patient monitoring

To-Do List

A comprehensive To-do list for doctors helps you record every aspect of your practice. Capture the appointment details, billing, payment, scheduling, and more.

Profile Management

Upload photos and other images related to your Aadhar and signature. We support many file formats. Delight patients by updating your profile section and highlighting the information, which is crucial for the patients to book an appointment


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