A Guide to Digital Prescription on The SmartCare Platform


Digital or E-prescription is an essential tool in the field of Digital Healthcare, and E-prescriptions have evolved rapidly to accommodate healthcare methodologies. Digital Prescription was introduced into the digital healthcare system to ensure the confidentiality of the patient and their concerns and to minimize the errors of prescriptions. The advancements in digital healthcare include launching new features such as advanced digital screens highlighting the dosage and frequency of medications, taking note of any previous drug allergies, or any prior medical condition, noting the BMI, providing a separate column of recommendations, and more. These advancements have not only made prescriptions easily readable for doctors but also for pharmacists. Many of the issues faced by doctors, patients, and pharmacists in previous years have been resolved through advances in healthcare technology by the platforms such as SmartCare.

These advances allow E-prescriptions to provide many advantages; some of which have been mentioned below:

Access To Complete Patient Information: Writing digital prescriptions allows doctors to verify and add all details related to allergies to any drugs and other things, past medical history, insurance information, the dosage of the medications, frequency of the medications, and more.

Reduction in Errors: There is a slight chance of errors in manual prescriptions, such as overwriting, misspelled drug names, and so on. However, with digital Prescription, cases of such mistakes diminish, and patients can be sure that they are perceiving it correctly and are taking the proper medication.

All Medical Records in One Place: Doctors can view digital prescriptions and the prescribed medications to their patients instantly, all in one place. This helps save the doctor much time. With one click, the entire medical history opens right in front of the eye of the doctor.

Reduce Lost Prescriptions: Pit is easy to manage digital prescriptions as there are high chances of misplacing paper prescriptions. This creates an additional burden on the medical officials to re-write the new prescriptions every time the same patient visits the clinic.

Digital Prescription on the SmartCare Platform

SmartCare provides advanced features to its doctors, such as managing appointments, refereeing their patients, and writing and uploading digital prescriptions. To write digital prescriptions on the SmartCare Platform, doctors need to log in to their accounts and click on the Doctors Tab. They will then be directed to their personalized dashboard, wherein they can follow the below-mentioned steps to create a prescription for the patients:

  • Click on the Settings Button at the Top of the Dashboard
  • Click on the Prescription Template as highlighted at the Top of the Settings Screen
  • Doctors can search for any new template, view the created template, and can create a new Prescription Template
  • The Create Prescriptions Template Option will help the doctor to create new prescriptions for the patients by adding the credentials such as medicines, frequency, additional comments, and diagnosis, and clicking on Create


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