Patient Relationship Management

Patient relationship management helps medical professionals support the patient in their healthcare journey. Patient Relationship Management implies adopting a patient-centric approach with the help of constant communication to have an adequate flow of critical healthcare information, thereby nurturing the doctor-patient relationship. Healthcare professionals follow the PRM method, providing a holistic patient management system for a better patient experience.

SmartCare is an IT-based healthcare platform that supports its doctors in providing the complete Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution that takes care of the entire patient journey and transforms the care delivery to its patients.

SmartCare PRM streamlines effective communication with patients and facilitates better patient relationships. It helps doctors send the required updates related to their patient healthcare, resolve their queries about their treatment, and send promotional messages such as discounts, coupons, offers, and more. SmartCare provides a complete SMS monthly pack to its doctors, which they can use to communicate effectively with their patients.

Further, doctors can also make an Ad Hoc purchase of the SMS pack basis their requirements, and there are customized templates for every SMS that doctors are willing to send on the platform.  Doctors must select a suitable template, add the required values, including discounts, offers, and press Send.

SmartCare allows doctors to create different patient groups to add all their regular patients, and doctors can name the group Group A. Additionally, when sending messages related to any promotions or broadcasts, the doctor can choose the group with which they would like to share the news and send the message.

Below mentioned are some benefits of using SmartCare Patient Relationship Management:

High-Quality Care

Automate the process of providing personal care to the patient by staying in their touch. This also helps provide the best quality care and leads to a superior patient experience.

Patient-centric Activities

Perform a regular check with your patients from anywhere and anytime without any hassle and guide them through their journey of achieving better health. This also helps get a few extra minutes with a new patient consultation.

Engage Your Patients

Doctors can now communicate with their patients through multiple channels during their recovery journey to learn more about their well-being and provide guidance. Communicating with patients constantly gives a personal touch to the patient and boosts patient engagement.

Key Features of Our Patient Relationship Management System

Queue Management

Provide follow-up consultation seamlessly by staying in constant touch with patients and saving more time by having fewer queues of patients.

Feedback Collection

Collect instant feedback from your patients by sending them feedback links through SMS immediately after the appointment.

Managing Patient Concerns

Deliver an excellent In-patient experience by giving patients a platform to share their queries and health concerns. Save time by solving their doubts prior before the consultation begins.

Keeping Patients Informed

Send regular updates to the patient related to any recent offers and discounts. This to-and-fro of the information from the doctor’s side helps in better consultations with the patients and builds a strong relationship between doctor and patient.


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