A Quick Guide on The New Doctor Consultation Screen of The Platform


SmartCare announces the launching of its new and enhanced features and functionalities. These new features have helped SmartCare to transform its website to make it more user-friendly for doctors.

Time is precious, and medical professionals actively seek better ways to connect with patients, provide treatment, and develop a lasting connection. Precious feedback from many of our doctors, as well as a new strategic partnership, has kept us busy updating the features of our digital platform.

SmartCare has enhanced its Doctor Consultation screen; the new screen provides options for the doctors to seamlessly book Ad Hoc and unplanned appointments, book lab tests, choose the procedure, take note of chronic ailments of the patients, advise patients about the medications, and many more notifications directly on the SmartCare platform with just one click.

Below mentioned are the most important upgrades and additions:

Once you are on the Doctor Consultation Tab, you will be able to see all these features on the same page:

Unplanned Shifts

Doctors can book an appointment with their patients anytime, even with an Unplanned Shift and Slot. Book Appointment option on the right-hand side at the top of the Doctor Consultation will direct doctors to Book Appointment for Unplanned Slots. Such slots can be booked even when there is a planned slot with the doctor’s discretion.

Ad Hoc Consultations

On the Doctor Consultation Page, doctors can notice a clock image at the top right-hand side directing them to Ad Hoc Consultations. Ad Hoc consultations help doctors book INSTANT appointments with patients even when planned slots are booked and per the doctor’s discretion.

Medicine Prescription

Clicking on Medicines, doctors can prescribe the medications to the patient by adding the details such as the Type & Name of medication, frequency of the dosage- there is a drop-down which helps the doctor to add the exact count of the dosage and the same can be done manually, and many more.

Advice List Templates

Doctors can also write/ add recommendations and advise patients based on the diagnosis. All the doctor’s recommendations will be saved automatically in the system for future reference. Additionally, doctors can also choose from the saved recommendations while writing advising any new patient in the comments section.

Complaint Templates

The complaint option on the top of the left side assists doctors in noting the health issues the patient is suffering from. Once on the complaint option, doctors can also edit and delete the patients’ health complaints.

Chronic Diseases & Allergies

Doctors can upload any medical record of the patient and write down the information related to the patient’s health issues, such as any significant symptoms, the duration of such symptoms, and more, in the comments section. Additionally, doctors can upload previous health records as provided by the patient.


Once the consultation is completed, the patient’s diagnosis can be added by clicking on the Diagnosis Tab. The new screen that pops up gives the enormous option to the doctor to select from the drop-down. The diagnosis performed by the doctor gets saved automatically on the platform.

Lab Test

This unique feature allows doctors to book lab tests for their patients through Thyrocare and any other lab. Once on the Thyrocare lab testing page, the doctor can select the type of test as needed for the patient.


This helps doctors to add the procedure performed and upload images and documents related to the same.

Multiple Follow-ups

Doctors can do multiple follow-ups with the patient after the completion of the procedure. This helps them to keep track of their patient’s health.

Referred Doctor’s Appointment

Doctors can now refer a patient to another specialized doctor and can book appointments for their patient with the referred doctor with just one touch.

Add Images

Doctors can upload distinct types of images, such as images related to their clinic, specialty, clinic, and many more. The photos can be uploaded from any saved folder in the system.

Words could never express our gratitude for all you do and continue to do for each of us.

We take this opportunity to thank our doctors for putting down their thoughts and providing us with their valuable inputs and recommendations, which have helped us in improving in so many ways and bringing out the best features/functionalities to save your time and make the complete process of the patient treatment cycle swift and smooth.


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