Trans Fats and Saturated Fats

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Fat is essential for the body as it plays a significant role in the functioning of the body cell, and the fat that comes from the diet breaks down quickly into various parts known as fatty acids that further enter the bloodstream. The body can also make such fats from carbohydrates.  However, all fats are not the same, and they also have a different impacts on your body. The specific type of fats are suitable; on the contrary, certain types of food may increase the risk of chronic diseases. 

Fats can be classified into three main categories- saturated fat & unsaturated fat, and trans fat. Most of the food has mixed types of fatty acids, and the significant difference between the three is explained below: 

  • Saturated Fats: Saturated fats are animal fats and are found in meat and dairy products
  • Unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats include almonds, seeds, avocado, peanut oil, and many more, which are suitable for the heart and help in lowering your bad cholesterol
  • Trans Fat: Trans fat is found in food that is processed and has hydrogenated vegetable oils, such as fried food, processed snacks, and many more

It is essential to know and understand the role of all types of fat in the body and to determine which fats to consume and which fats to avoid. This is because certain fats have been linked to adverse side effects on heart health. However, some of the fats have related to many health benefits. Doctors advise removing trans-fat from the diet and limiting the intake of saturated fats.

Unsaturated Fat

Doctors believe that unsaturated fats are good for your heart health as they promote good cholesterol and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. Unsaturated fats are found in tofu, almonds, olive, peanut oil, and avocado.

Saturated Fat

Saturated fats are found in high meat and dairy products, and the sources of saturated fats are mentioned below:

  • Chicken Meat and Poultry Skin
  • High-fat dairy foods, whole milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, and ice cream
  • Beef, pork, and Lamb
  • Oils such as Coconut and Palm oil

Increased consumption of saturated fat increases the risk associated with blood cholesterol levels and bad cholesterol, heart diseases, and stroke.

Trans fat

Trans fats are found in processed food such as fried foods, margarine, cookies, cakes, pastries, crackers, microwave popcorn, and many more. Trans fat not only increases the level of bad cholesterol but also suppresses the level of good cholesterol in the body. Doctors believe that trans-fat can increase inflammation and is the leading cause of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Healthier fats are essential for your diet as they help improve heart health and overall quality of life. However, since they are fats, even in moderation is a promising idea as they are even high in calories.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written after performing in-depth secondary research related to the topic from various articles, blogs, and journals with expertise in writing for healthcare. The content presented on this page should not be considered a substitute for medical expertise. We suggest you book an appointment with the doctor for any doubts about health and nutrition.


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