World Food Day is celebrated on the 16th of October to remember the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1945 to eradicate hunger globally. World Food Day is celebrated to promote the importance of Food Security at a global level. FAO has played a significant role in achieving this goal, especially in times of havoc.

The ideology of celebrating World Food Day every year is to reflect the food systems and the improvements in society. As we all know, despite significant development across various nations, food security and hunger are still major concerns for many countries. The other global issues that FAO investigates are obesity, environmental changes impacting the food system, and climate change.

The agenda of celebrating World Food Day is to promote Food Protection Schemes, Environment-friendly agricultural practices, and a robust food system to combat and reduce hunger-related problems worldwide.

World Food Day emphasizes two aspects:

Spreading Awareness

Malnutrition is the biggest threat to Humanity. Malnutrition is caused by a lack of healthy and nutritious food, which causes inefficiency and unproductiveness. FAO has always shared its concerns related to Malnutrition. World Food Day plays a crucial role in creating awareness about malnutrition by ensuring food security and the availability of nutritious foods for everyone.

Conscious Eating

World Food Day also plays a vital role in spreading awareness about the new concept of Mindful Eating, which aims to eat mindfully and reduce food wastage.


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