How to Take Care of Your Skin after 40?

Adopting a skin care routine to get glowing skin after 40.

Skincare is essential at every stage of life, and it becomes imperative when we are in middle age or aging. Dermatologist believes the fat stored under our skin starts melting and is altered, which leads to wrinkles and creases on our skin. Dr. Akriti Gupta, a dermatologist with SmartCare, explains that as we age, the skin’s capacity to produce elastin, natural lipids and collagen declines. This causes our skin to become drier and less supple. Additionally, adopting inadequate skincare practices even in the youth starts to become more visible in the late thirties or early forties.

This also leads to more apparent age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles on the skin. Therefore, adopting a skincare routine that offers curative and preventative measures is significant, especially in the forties.

Dermatologist recommends some to adopt as a measure of skin care after 40:

Follow a Scrub Routine

Scrubbing the face with an abrasive and harsh scrub is not advisable. A cream-based scrub on dry skin is advisable to cleanse and moisturize the skin. This is because using a gel-based scrub on oily skin helps in reducing oil production and achieves spotless skin. The face should always be washed with a mild, non-foaming product. Once the look is cleansed, it should be moisturized well.

Sunscreen is a Must

A vital component of regular skincare is sunscreen. Sunscreen function as a shield and protects all types of skin from the sun’s damaging UV radiation, which is one of the major causes of the early aging of the skin. Therefore, applying sunscreen with a PA grade of at least +++ and at least SPF 30 is necessary. Further, sunscreen with Zinc oxide is also helpful in reducing skin damage from artificial light produced by electronic devices.

Consuming more Fluids

Skin gets impacted by what we eat and how much water we drink. Therefore, it is imperative to consume a balanced diet, eat fresh, and drink lots of water to provide the skin with the critical antioxidants it needs. Hydrated skin is always appearing as healthy and glowing. A quick home remedy of adding lemon and aloe vera juice to your water can help maintain a natural skin glow.

Under Eye Care

Noticing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes is one of the earliest signs of aging. This happens because the skin under the eyes is delicate and requires additional care. An effective under-eye cream or gel that hydrates your eyes and reduces wrinkles as you sleep is a promising idea.

Adopting a Night Care Regime

Applying a night cream after cleaning your face every night is suitable to keep the skin hydrated. It will also become more radiant and softer. One should purchase a night cream rich in retinol/retinoids to boost cellular regeneration and antioxidants. Such creams help recover the skin from environmental stresses, and hyaluronic acid binds moisture to your skin.

Reduce the Intake of Sugar/Avoid Sugar

Consuming a lot of sugar can cause the skin to become glycated, and the extra sugar can bind proteins and cause fluid retention, which can cause wrinkles.

Using Vitamin C Serum

Consuming vitamin C in any form after a specific time is essential for our skin. Vitamin C is loaded with antioxidants and helps combat free radicals.

The best way to absorb vitamin C antioxidants is to consume them in the morning. This will help the skin to look more radiant, and it also works as a protection for the skin from free radicals and UV damage.

Anti-aging creams with retinol, hyaluronic acid, and peptides can be used at night. Further, serums with the same compounds can be used throughout the day.

It is advisable to purchase a vitamin C serum in dark bottles as it degrades when exposed to light or air, and opaque glass bottles help keep the vitamin stable and effective.

Description: This blog has been written by Dr. Akriti Gupta, a Cosmetic Dermatologist. Suppose you see any skin health issues or concerns about the skin problems. We strictly advise you to seek medical consultation. You may book a consultation with SmartCare Doctors.



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